Green Maintenance

Hello all,
We hope you are all keeping well and being able to occupy yourself whilst we are closed.

We wanted to give you an update on things club related so… Whilst we cannot use our green we thought we would take this opportunity that has never been presented to us before to do some spring/summer maintenance.
Today the wonderful Pro-Turfcare Ltd started by mini coring the green which will allow for wetting agent too penetrate to the roots before applying a large top dressing and seeding.
Seeding at this time of the year is fantastic and will germinate fanatically as we water or regularly. This is extra work alongside our usually monthly professional care and our volunteer maintenance will continue (in fact increase) as we nurture along this development work.
This is all so when we all do get back to normality we will all see and appreciate the difference.

In the meantime, please don’t be a stranger and key us know how you are, what you’re all doing and if anyone requires assistance please do ask and we will do our best to help wherever possible.

Yours in sport,
EWEBC Committee